Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Take Out The Trash

Are the Bali Bombers dead yet?

Why not?

Why have these useless pieces of trash not been eradicated from the face of the planet? In this, I mean those who constructed the bombs; those who planned the events; those who planted the bombs; and the limpdicks who think that death is not a solution and that this crowd should be allowed to live their days in prison.

In short - not only should these three bombers (names are irrelevant because I choose not to show them the courtesy of learning to speak such filth) be tortured in a way not dissimilar to what many INNOCENT people experienced thanks to the shrapnel used in the devices that shredded the flesh from so many people - but they should also suffer in death. These people should be informed in the seconds before they die that upon death, their worthless carcasses will be cut into four sections (quartered) and then shipped in the opposing four directions of the island to be buried. The burial site would be coated in lime to enhance decomposition and thus thwart attempts to bring the sections back together AND be bathed in pig faeces.

Does this sound inhuman? Does it sound uncaring? Oh - I forgot - these people have rights, don't they. We have to allow them to be buried with the dignity and respect that is demanded by their religion.

Well, guess what....?

They are NOT entitled to any dignity. They are NOT entitled to respect. They do not have any rights since they decreed that it was OK to flay the flesh from people who did nothing more to their society than prop up their tourist trade. They are entitled to NOTHING but utter contempt.

If their religion truly was just and honourable, practitioners would have disowned and disbarred them from practicing years ago. Heads of Christian churches do not condone the actions of the KKK and will not recognise them as proponents of the religion - yet not only are these examples of societal excrement allowed to continue to practice their "religion", they get special treatment on holidays. On top of that, there is footage taken this year of a law enforcement official shaking the hands of one of this people! This is nothing short of abhorrent!

What has happened with the Bali Bombers just goes to prove that Islam is a curse on humanity and that it needs to be eradicated COMPLETELY. I don't give a flying shit if you want to argue about what Catholics did in the name of Christianity. What they did was wrong but they grew past it and grew up - Islam retains it's stone-age mentality and utterly refuses to advance itself in any way, shape or form.

So - kill them - kill them now - and ensure that they know that they will NEVER see their heaven and that if they do, their 70-odd virgins will be utterly repulsed at the sight of them!

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rapa707 said...

Well I will.
Cheers for being a pain in the arse. I sort of know what you mean but I don't like them killing ANY of us. WE can, but not them. they may be scum but they are our scum. I have known a few junkies in my time, in fact one just died the other day after a lifetime of making people miserable, but I would not approve of THEM killing him. Or anyone for that matter. He got what he wanted.