Friday, August 15, 2014


Holy crap. Two whole years since my last post?

I know that I've had my share of things to say because I've been unfriended by a few people on Facebook for daring to speak my mind - or rather, daring to say something to someone who claims to have an open mind but suddenly gets insulted when your opinion differs from theirs.

To be honest, I am surprised that many of the people who call me 'friends' on Facebook haven't left me long before now. Oh well - I must be entertaining or some shit like that.

Anyway, over the last couple of years, I have developed a distinct dislike for tattoos and moreso for a large portion of the population who have them.

I don't mean the person who gets a rose on their back or a dragon on their shoulder - you know - the stuff you do as a means of disobeying society and thinking yourself a rebel. I also do not mean the old sailor-types who seem to have these faded tatts that always seem to turn blue after about 30 years or so.

No, what I mean is the people who have an entire arm done - or both arms - or a leg - whatever.... and then you get the spastics that are trying to scream "I'm a gangsta!" by getting one on their neck or the teardrop under an eye.

You know what? You're all a bunch of faggots. I don't mean that you're homosexuals - I mean "faggot" in the most insulting way that you can conjure in your mind because, quite frankly, you're just a dumb cunt.

What do tattoos prove?
Not a fucking thing when you're a tool living in the city or on welfare.

Tattoos were used by tribal types as a message to enemies of their association with a particular tribe. Many also used them as a rite of passage to manhood.

Some poofter sitting around with his drinking buddies thinking of a pattern for a skull with a snake through it and gesturing that so'n'so over in a-certain-shop is the only one with the skill to do it just proves that you're a wanker with no sense of value of what you're doing.

A sense of value?


Spending thousands of what one hopes is cash you earned by working hard at something you do well so that you can get a series of Celtic patterns down your arm because your great-grandmother's neighbour knew someone from there doesn't make you a great warrior.

Getting the names of your kids in capitalised Old English script?
Are you fucking retarded? Can you not remember their names?
What does it prove other than you probably cannot spell the name of your screaming bunch of yard apes?

Seriously... what value do you get from them?
Respect? Oh yeah... The respect of the kind of people who trash public housing (while many others wait) and consider a double-axle caravan to be luxury living quarters?
Pretending that you might be some sort of drug kingpin?
Announcing to the world that you're totally badass because you know someone who knows someone who once glassed someone and would probably do it again if they were drunk (or high) enough (and generally showed no remorse for fucking up the life of another individual who probably did nothing more than call them names for spewing on their shoes).

How about this as food for thought?
1) The people with real power in this world don't cover themselves in tattoos such that they cannot be covered so that they can look respectable.
2) If you decide that you'd maybe like to not shovel shit for the rest of your life and maybe get a job where there is better money and status? Think again - nobody wants to hire the jerk that looks like Lydia The Tattooed Lady. You're an embarrassment to any service-oriented business.
3) The class of people you will be with for the rest of your life will be losers like yourself.

All I know for certain is that there is a massive increase in a tribal mentality in society - a regression back to a bronze age way of being.
"I've got a tatt so that makes me tough. Don't look sideways at me while I'm driving in my Prius or I'll give you a stare that you'll wish you'd never seen!"

I'm, like, totally scared - you fucktard.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terry Fator - WOW!

I would guess that this bloke would object to being on my blog but his talent is just incredible and amazing that it needs to be showcased everywhere possible.

He got here with hard work and skill. He deserves the accolades that goes with it.

with Emma Taylor

His YouTube site

WTF??? How Long Has It Been?

Well, here I am - something like two years since the last post. Life has been *busy* and I have been doing a lot of reading on the curse that is Islam.

Did I say "curse"? I meant, "Political Ideology intended to convert those who can be converted; relegate those who cannot to become slaves; and kill the rest (this would include the Jews)". I also like to think of it as "The Cult of the Paedophile".

But enough about me and my attempts to talk sense about rock-throwing apes to... rock-throwing apes (lefties / greenies / assorted deadshits who think they know better based on their daily soy-decaf-chai and having another dipshit read the socialist "newspaper" of choice).

I am back working in government and I hate it. It sucks. Sitting around all day not being able to fix anything or do anything proactive because ineffectual dickheads in management positions who are too goddamn gutless to stand up for what is right. I have never seen someone so tall that is so friggin' willing to appease everyone while attacking those who want to do what is right.

I've also been doing a lot of commenting on Facebook for a while now.
Man, is it HARD to reel in the commentary gene and not cut loose on there. Obviously I cannot comment some of what I really want because it has my name associated with it - and I really could do without someone burning down my house while I am inside simply because they believe in free speech - but only if it coincides with their own opinion.

For those living in a cave (I guess that would mean anyone called "Mohammad" or has a syllable of their name that sounds like phlegm being created - or expectorated), Queensland has a new Premier and the old communist regime is gone. They still have their hands out though for cash - not unlike the TRASH that arrives on the multitudes of boats every day. GOD - what I would give to be on a patrol boat and to drop some 50-cal shells just below the waterline. "You're sinking because you disabled the engine and scuttled the boat? Wait a sec... (gunfire) Nah - NOW, you are sinking!!!"

Is this Islamophobia? NO! I am not afraid of muslims because they are different. I detest Islam because of what it represents and what it is trying to do to the world.
Is it racism? Yes! Just kidding... Tell me what race is Islam exactly?
Is Islam racist? YES! NOT kidding... This "religion" demands that Jews be eradicated. Hmmm... what former regime does *that* sound like?

OK - that's it... More to come...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dead Wobber

"He was good man. He was the best guy in the world," one relative said.
Who does this clown think he's kidding? The oxygen thief approached security guards with a loaded handgun (possession of which in public a major offence on it's own - unless you are the member of a political minority, of course) with the intention of committing a robbery with violence - and some MORON says he was a "good man"???

The ONLY good thing Kaled Dib to benefit society was to have himself removed from it. If anyone is a genuinely good MAN, it is the security guard who removed this piece of trash from society!

Good riddance! Here is an edited version of the article with the underlined emphasis being mine.
Guard unlikely to face murder charge after robber's death
By Kara Lawrence and David Barrett

August 21, 2008 12:00am

A SECURITY guard who shot dead a convicted violent criminal is highly unlikely to face charges over the shooting, with police saying the evidence so far supports claims of self-defence.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the dead would-be robber, Kaled Dib, 25, of Lidcombe, was convicted of assaulting two security guards at Parramatta's Albion Hotel earlier this year.

He also had unlicensed driving convictions from 2007 and police intelligence reports linked him to the drug trade, armed robberies and to criminals linked to armed robberies, police sources have confirmed.


Two of the armed guards entered the branch about 6.20pm and almost immediately were confronted by two men, one of them Dib, wearing masks and brandishing handguns.


"One of the men ran towards the third security guard who was positioned across the road, adjacent to the getaway car, raised his firearm at the guard, and the guard in self-defence fired one shot," Supt Cotter said.


Dib was struck in the chest, dropping his handgun which was later found to be loaded. All three men managed to escape in a getaway car.


At about 6.50pm, a Toyota Hilux utility driven by an associate of Dib pulled up outside Auburn Hospital and left him outside the emergency department. He was already dead.

At least 50 relatives and friends soon arrived at the hospital, demanding the release of his body for a Muslim funeral.

They had to be dispersed by police.


About 50 mourners dressed in black attended Dib's family's home in Lidcombe yesterday.

"He was good man. He was the best guy in the world," one relative said.

"Everybody is so upset. It's a shock to all of us, but that's part of life."

Dib, who married in the past year, was convicted of the assault of two security guards in March. In June he was fined $1000 plus court costs.
So, in proving that there is no honour amongst thieves, they also dump their garbage somewhere other than at the tip - and the relatives have the absolute gall to want him back for a funeral and then kicked up a stink which required the police to break up (a 'stink' which, I presume, also included people requiring medical attention not being able to get to hospital for treatment).

THIS is why Islam is a curse on the face of this planet. It's followers are again proving that they are primarily STUPID and that the laws of this country do not apply to them.

The dickhead of a magistrate who let this dim-witted piece of shit back on the streets should also be buried with him because it is HIS fault that this even occurred due to not performing his duty when the opportunity presented itself.

Friday Funnies

These were posted in one of the comment areas of a post on Townhall recently and they were too good to not share.

Enjoy :)

Q: What is the difference between ObamaCare and a car battery?
A: The battery has a positive side.

Q. Why did Obama cross the road?
A. Actually, Obama promised to cross the road, but then he didn't.

President Obama is to statesmanship as an Etch-A-Sketch is to art.

Q. Why was Obama staring at the frozen orange juice can?
A. It said "concentrate".

Q. Why did President Obama feel it was necessary for him to apologize to the world and to degrade the United States?
A. Jimmy Carter had laryngitis.

Q. What do Obama and Osama have in common?
A. They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon.

Q. Why did Obama change his name from Barry to Barack?
A. He thought Barry sounded too American.

Q. Why are there only 2 pallbearers at a Muslim funeral?
A. There's only 2 handles on a garbage can.

Q: Why don't Muslims go out drinking?
A: Why should they when they can get bombed at home?

Q. Why do seagulls have wings?
A. To beat the Muslims to the garbage dump.

Q: What will most Muslims in this country eventually be asked?
A: "Will the defendant please rise?"

Q. How do you address the most powerful Muslim in the world?
A. Mr. President.

Q. What is the Obama Administration's official term for Muslim terrorist?
A. The victim.

Q. What is the current position of Homeland Security regarding terror?
A. If you see a terrorist about to blow himself up, go up to him and say, "Hey! Stop that!"

Q. Did you hear about the latest Muslim invention?
A. Nobody has.

Q. How did the Muslim mother teach her son which way to put his underwear on?
A. Fuse in the front!

Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
A. Bisexual.

Q. What's the difference between Cindy Sheehan and a terrorist enemy?
A. Nothing.

Q. What's the difference between Michael Moore and a one ton CARE package?
A. Michael Moore, if sliced real thin, can feed a larger Afghan village.

Q. Did you hear the one about the Muslim who won a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?
A. There is a Muslim that understands mathematics???

Q. How many muslims does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
A. What's toilet paper?

Q: What do you ask a man who's just converted to Islam?
A: "Have you started beating your wife?"

Q. How many Muslim extremists will it take to destroy America?
A. None, American Liberals can do it all by themselves, thank you.

Q. How many Muslims does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. What's a light bulb?

Q. Who are the Muslim 3 Stooges?
A. Saladin, Mohammed, and Osama. Nyuck, Nyuck!

Q: What's the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead Democrat in the road?
A: Vultures will eat the skunk.

Q: What's the difference between Obama and a catfish?
A: One is an ugly, scum sucking bottom-feeder and the other is a fish

Q. What do Tehran and Hiroshima have in common?
A. Nothing.... yet.

Q: How can you tell if a Muslim girl is old enough to marry?
A: Make her stand in a barrel. If her chin is over the top, she's old enough. If it isn't, cut the barrel down until her chin is over the top.

Q. What's the difference between a Muslim and a vampire?
A. At some point the vampire will stop being bloodthirsty.

Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns 6 goats?
A. A pimp.

Q. Mohamed and Mouloud are in a car, who’s driving?
A. The police.

Q. What do you call two muslim guys in front of a trash can?
A. A family portrait.

Q. What do you call two muslim guys and two muslim girls in front of a trash can?
A. A night-club.

Q. What’s the difference between a run-over dog and a run-over Arab?
A. There’s usually skid marks in front of the dog.

Q. What’s the difference between E.T and an arab?
A. ET eventually went home

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long time gone....

You know - I didn't realise just how long it has been since I last posted. I guess this may have something to do with finding someone in my life that doesn't tell me to "shut my cakehole" when I start ranting about the dickheads of this world.

I think I have inflicted more than enough on her, so now I will again start putting on the blog so that only those who are silly enough to read my crap will have to tolerate it.

Great to be back :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Take Out The Trash

Are the Bali Bombers dead yet?

Why not?

Why have these useless pieces of trash not been eradicated from the face of the planet? In this, I mean those who constructed the bombs; those who planned the events; those who planted the bombs; and the limpdicks who think that death is not a solution and that this crowd should be allowed to live their days in prison.

In short - not only should these three bombers (names are irrelevant because I choose not to show them the courtesy of learning to speak such filth) be tortured in a way not dissimilar to what many INNOCENT people experienced thanks to the shrapnel used in the devices that shredded the flesh from so many people - but they should also suffer in death. These people should be informed in the seconds before they die that upon death, their worthless carcasses will be cut into four sections (quartered) and then shipped in the opposing four directions of the island to be buried. The burial site would be coated in lime to enhance decomposition and thus thwart attempts to bring the sections back together AND be bathed in pig faeces.

Does this sound inhuman? Does it sound uncaring? Oh - I forgot - these people have rights, don't they. We have to allow them to be buried with the dignity and respect that is demanded by their religion.

Well, guess what....?

They are NOT entitled to any dignity. They are NOT entitled to respect. They do not have any rights since they decreed that it was OK to flay the flesh from people who did nothing more to their society than prop up their tourist trade. They are entitled to NOTHING but utter contempt.

If their religion truly was just and honourable, practitioners would have disowned and disbarred them from practicing years ago. Heads of Christian churches do not condone the actions of the KKK and will not recognise them as proponents of the religion - yet not only are these examples of societal excrement allowed to continue to practice their "religion", they get special treatment on holidays. On top of that, there is footage taken this year of a law enforcement official shaking the hands of one of this people! This is nothing short of abhorrent!

What has happened with the Bali Bombers just goes to prove that Islam is a curse on humanity and that it needs to be eradicated COMPLETELY. I don't give a flying shit if you want to argue about what Catholics did in the name of Christianity. What they did was wrong but they grew past it and grew up - Islam retains it's stone-age mentality and utterly refuses to advance itself in any way, shape or form.

So - kill them - kill them now - and ensure that they know that they will NEVER see their heaven and that if they do, their 70-odd virgins will be utterly repulsed at the sight of them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Privacy concerns on speed cameras

So here we go again... Victoria (the Police State) is wanting to bring in an automatic number-plate recognition system for all vehicles on the roads down there.

While I can see the merits in such a system, I know FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT that it WILL be abused and that the intention for bringing in such a system is brought about by the trend lately for police to go after soft targets. That is, chasing the revenue dollar of Joe & Jane Average who may stray 3km over the speed limit as
opposed to those who drive unlicenced, unregistered, uninsured, commit genuine acts of road rage (not the pussy acts like flipping the bird), use false number plates, etc etc etc - and will be able to mask either themselves or their vehicles so that they cannot be photographed. These are the people that have something to hide and will be able to hide themselves quite easily while those who do not will be tracked relentlessly. Why are innocent people going about their business being tracked?

The system won't even catch the majority of the dipshits in their turbo-powered shitboxes (that sneeze every time they change gears) or the whackers in their 6-cylinder Commondores & Foulcans that go "Look at me! I can spin one wheel on a rain-slicked road!" - because many use false or stolen numberplates anyway!

This project ISN'T about protecting society by chasing criminals and getting them off the streets - this project is about the utter laziness of politicians and cops to do something constructive in society when it comes to dealing with the offenders they catch and "coercing" them to not reoffend. They just want to be able to track each and every person and then use the halfwits excuse of "If you do nothing wrong then you've nothing to worry about!"

Well, SHIT FOR BRAINS, maybe I would like to walk down the street without being tracked and having someone looking over my shoulder all the time? It's a proven fact (it is because I say that it is!) that when genuine contributors to society need a cop, there isn't one to be found - but when a criminal bashes a 75 year old woman for $15 so that he can get drugs, suddenly he has rights and the police are there to protect him!

Read the article....

Privacy concerns on speed cameras

Karen Dearne | September 23, 2008

CRIMTRAC's planned automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system could become a mass surveillance system, taking as many as 70 million photos of cars and drivers every day across a vast network of roadside cameras.

State and federal police forces want full-frontal images of vehicles, including the driver and front passenger, that are clear enough for identification purposes and usable as evidence in court.

"All vehicles passing through a fixed or mobile ANPR camera will have the data recorded and available for interrogation," CrimTrac told the Queensland TravelSafe inquiry into the use of ANPR for road safety.

"Existing camera applications, such as Safe-T-Cam, red light and speed cameras could be upgraded where necessary to provide constant live streaming to a central database.

"National connectivity would be achieved through secure digital networks for fixed cameras. Law enforcement agencies would also use mobile units."

David Vaile, executive director of the University of NSW's Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, warned that the ANPR "could become the next Access Card".

"As a public surveillance system that could be linked to facial recognition, this has enough technology behind it to impinge on everybody's daily life," Mr Vaile said.

"CrimTrac has told us there will be 5000 cameras around the country, overwhelmingly in populated areas, taking some 70 million photos every day.

"There'll be maybe 1000 cameras in downtown Sydney, close to that number in Melbourne, perhaps 100 or so in Brisbane.

"If you use the main roads, you're likely to be snapped several times a day, and all those photos and any related data will be held by CrimTrac for up to five years."

Mr Vaile said it was false to represent the proposal as number plate recognition: "It's a photograph-all-drivers system."

At present, there are an estimated 300 fixed ANPR cameras and 100 mobile units in Australia.

CrimTrac is due to hand a $2.2 million scoping study for an integrated ANPR to the Minister for Home Affairs, Bob Debus, and the Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management in November.

According to a privacy consultation paper issued in June, all ANPR data collected would be made available to participating agencies in real time, and retained for five years for future investigations.

The national system would consist of "sightings data from all cameras in all jurisdictions of all vehicles that pass the camera points".

CrimTrac proposes siting fixed cameras at state border crossings, on main roads, in city centres and around infrastructure such as ports.

CrimTrac ANPR program manager Darren Booy said road transport, police and national security agencies had agreed images were needed for certain vehicle sightings.

"At times, police might not know that a vehicle is stolen or wanted in connection with a crime such as armed robbery until some time after the event," he said.

"Therefore, there's a requirement to capture all vehicle sightings and make those images available for analysis and data matching either immediately or at a later time."

Mr Booy said no decision had been made on the period for which images would be kept.

Images would be retained in cases where a vehicle was on a hot list of stolen or unregistered cars, or in cases involving unlicensed drivers or people wanted by police.

(see the rest online....)

This whole idea is just another push to turn everyone into potential criminals and override their rights under the system that is supposed to regard everyone as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or by a jury of their peers. Photographing everyone who moves somehow makes the Police & the Judiciary think that you are there in court to prove your innocence rather than them having to prove your guilt - and that is against everything that the Westminster System is supposed to stand for.

My solution to the problems of criminals and prisons is to build a dirty big one in the middle of the Simpson Desert and segregate everyone out there. Nowhere to run - nowhere to hide - and any improper actions of the prisoners is met with extreme force. If you don't like it there - don't go back!

But no - the pantywaist culture that this country is embracing of "protect the criminal and persecute the innocent" is very much alive and well!

The problem is that for every stupid idea like this that gets promoted in Victoria - every other dictatorial state in this country wants to do the same.

If innocent people are going to be hounded and treated like criminals just for paying their taxes and maybe driving a little bit over an grossly-outdated speed limit: maybe I should become one of the protected ones - a criminal? I can see myself being quite happy in executing a few drug dealers and users just for fun - and the funny thing about that is that not only will the government, the judiciary and the police protect me for it - I will be doing more a service to society than all of them combined!

Prostitution Teacher

Interesting news from New Zealand on Stuff.

Teacher is also a prostitute

Monday, 22 September 2008

An Auckland primary school teacher moonlighting as a prostitute will have to wait for a decision on her future employment by her school's board of trustees.

The new teacher, a mother in her 30s with two children, has been working as a prostitute to supplement her income, the Herald on Sunday reported.

The newspaper, which did not name the teacher or her school, said a parent told the teacher's principal, who was balancing a possible negative reaction from parents with the woman's right to work in a job that has been legal in New Zealand since 2003.

It has been referred to the school's board of trustees, which will meet in committee to debate whether to ignore the issue, discipline the teacher or ask the Teachers' Council to decide.

The woman reportedly told the principal that her action in her own time was not his concern, and that it was not affecting her ability as a teacher.

Teachers Council director Peter Lind said the most important factor was whether the teacher's second job was affecting her teaching duties, "and there would have to be actual evidence".


Another employment lawyer, Patrick Walsh, said the council could intervene if the school deemed the teacher's second job involved "conduct that brings discredit to the profession".
(cont'd on site)

So, yet again we see a section of the community thinking itself to be better than the rest of the world and decides to dictate terms to those who are a aprt of that community.
Here we have a teacher who wants to supplement her income as a teacher by working as a prostitute and the wowsers have a problem with this. Why? Are they worried that she will start charging students if business is slow? It's a profession that is legal in NZ yet they choose to attack her over her choice of what she does in her personal life. If anyone is to have a problem with this, it can be her husband or family - everyone else can go and get stuffed!
"Johnny - your dad looks hot... I think he needs to attend a parent-teacher conference to discuss your educational needs. Can you tell him that I will need to see him on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday?"

Going on what I have seen in the last 20 years with regards the standards of teaching around the world - the profession that will suffer more from the combination of the two will be the oldest one. Of course, it couldn't hurt her should some of her customers want to be disciplined by the Naughty Teacher.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

NOW - Stupid, stupid women....


Women's groups back Obama over McCain, Palin

By Lincoln Archer
September 17, 2008 08:40am

* Women's groups back Obama over McCain
* Say Sarah Palin not enough to win them over
* Obama, Biden vs McCain, Palin: US presidential election

IF Sarah Palin's selection as John McCain's running mate was designed to start a stampede of high-profile endorsements from heavy-hitting women's groups, it has not worked.

But if it was intended to entice a bloc of white women voters into the Republican fold, it might be all systems go.

The leaders of six women's groups stood together overnight to announce that they were backing Barack Obama in the US presidential election, saying Mrs Palin's inclusion on the Republican ticket was not enough to win their approval.

One group, the National Organisation for Women, said it had not endorsed a White House candidate in nearly 25 years but was speaking out this time to highlight Senator McCain's record on so-called women's issues.

The NOW had supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, however, so a Democratic endorsement at this election was likely this time around anyway.

(read article for remainder....)

NOW (the National Organisation for Women) thinks that it speaks for all women in America when clearly it does not. The organisation initially threw it's support behind a candidate (Hillary) who, in her personal life, condones adultery and tolerates a liar in the family AND at the highest levels of government. This means that she's either easily fooled (unlikely) or she will tolerate behaviours like this in order to maintain her social status of power.

So... this equates to NOW saying that it's OK for women to grab the power and the money regardless of what the bloke in their life does. Nice.

I am SO glad that there are REAL women like Palin in the USA and that NOW doesn't like them - it gives me great hope that the USA isn't heading down the greatest socialist toilet that so many moonbats seem to desire.